As a board-certified dermatologist and one of the country’s only nail experts, my entire Fifth Avenue New York City and Hamptons practice is devoted to nails. I have been studying brittle nails for over a decade, and my patients, who come from all over the globe, inspired me to create a nail treatment system that is effective and free of harmful chemicals.

After researching thousands of ingredients I developed this easy-to-use, three-step, scientific system that will not only bring your nails back to a healthy, hydrated, youthful state but will leave them with a long lasting and gorgeous shine.

Step 01 contains glycolic acid and will prep and renew your nails. Recent scientific evidence shows that glycolic acid can rejuvenate the nail by removing damaged nail cells. This is the first nail product to incorporate this amazingly effective ingredient. Dandelion extract acts as an anti-oxidant and detoxifier of environmental damage.

Step 02, The Perfect Grit Priming Wand, is an essential step in the system because once the glycolic acid lifts away your damaged nail cells, your wand will facilitate removal of the surface damage. This essential exfoliation enables the Step 03 Deep Hydrating Formula to penetrate effectively into the nail.

Step 03 will strengthen and hydrate your nails with our proprietary Phyto Crystal Complex, a bioactive ingredient derived from the sap of a French evergreen tree. If you can visualize what sap looks and feels like, it is a sticky glue-like substance. This natural ingredient holds your delicate nail cells together, preventing breakage, peeling and brittleness and creates a stronger, harder nail. This is a healthy, natural nail strengthener.

I hope that you enjoy your Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System and I can’t wait to see your new healthy, gorgeous, youthful, lustrous nails.


How soon can I expect to see a transformation in my nails?

After one application, your nails will immediately look healthy, hydrated and full of shine. If you have severe damage to the nails, such as ridging or peeling, it may take four treatments to see improvement. If your nails frequently peel, we recommend using Step 03 daily as opposed to weekly. (Please note: daily use of Step 03 will require more frequent replacement).

Who is The Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System for?

Whether you suffer from brittle, peeling, dry damaged nails or you are someone looking for a chic, lustrous polish alternative your Nail Renewal System can instantly treat fingernails as well as toenails.

Can I use The Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System if my nails are not damaged?

Yes! You can use this product to prevent brittle nails or to create a chic, long-lasting lustrous shine without the use of polish or harmful chemicals.

Will my nails look different after using The Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System?

Yes. Your nails will instantly look healthy, hydrated and youthful. Tres Chic!

Can I use The Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System if my nails are extremely damaged from gels, acrylics or other enhancements?

Absolutely! This product will instantly remove nail damage and bring your nails back to their youthful appearance. Your nails will be healthier and smoother if you choose to continue with polish, gels or enhancements.

How much product should I use for Step 01?

Twist the pen until a droplet appears on the applicator tip. A thin, even coat of Step 01 is all that is needed. One twist of the pen will dispense enough treatment for five nails or if your nails are short, you may have enough product for more than five nails. Allow product to absorb completely prior to Step 02 priming.

How much product should I use for Step 03?

Twist the pen until the joil completely saturates the applicator tip. Brush onto your nails and cuticles.

What is a joil?

The Step 03 Deep Hydrating Formula is a hybrid between a gel and an oil. Many nail products are a greasy, drippy mess and it was important for me to create a product that was easy for you to use, and mess free.

Is it okay to massage the Joil into the nail and cuticle rather than wait for it to absorb?

Yes, it provides the same treatment whether you rub it in or allow it to absorb.

How often do I need to use my Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System?

Just once weekly, that’s all it takes. If you like your new, healthy, hydrated, youthful lustrous nails, continue using the system once weekly.

How long will the Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System last?

This system will provide you with a weekly manicure or pedicure for 3 months. Your Step 03 Deep Hydrating Formula can be used as a stand-alone treatment for nail and cuticle hydration throughout the day. Product replacement will depend on frequency of use.

Can I use nail polish after using The Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System?

Absolutely. The system creates a smooth, even canvas perfect for nail color application. Wait 24 hours for the treatment to take effect before resuming polish. You’ll notice your polish will last longer and chip less, too.

Is The Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System 5-free?

Yes! This product is free of Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Pthalate, Camphor and Toluene. It is also free of fragrance, dyes and parabens.

Does the Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System need to be removed and can it chip?

Your product does not need to be removed and is chip-free.

Can I apply the Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System to polished nails?

No, this product should be applied to clean, dry, unpolished nails.

Can I bring the Dr. Dana® Nail Renewal System on an airplane?

Yes. Unlike polish and other nail hardeners that contain strong-smelling solvents, your Nail Renewal System has a subtle, fresh citrus scent and is free of harmful chemicals and solvents. The product sizes are travel-friendly so that you can treat your nails on-the-go.