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9-Free Nail Color
a healthy dose of color

A healthier way to wear nail color, our 9-Free Nail Color delivers the salon quality results you want with the peace of mind of knowing it’s expertly formulated by a dermatologist.

“Beauty inspires strength, confidence, individuality and independence and should not be achieved with compromise to health.”
– Dr. Dana Stern


Our nail colors were created with, and named for, inspirational and accomplished women whose nail health and beauty is essential to their career. They’ve broken barriers and pushed boundaries, and are now at the top of their fields.
These are women who have nailed it!


We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with world-renowned chef patron, television personality, cookbook author and entrepreneur Judy Joo. She rocked the culinary industry with her fierce determination and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit. We can’t wait to see and “taste” what is next!

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We read theSkimm every morning so it only felt natural to collaborate on a color with the brilliant women behind the brand. We love theSkimm for making it easier for us to live smarter and admire the co-founders for their entrepreneurial spirit, unrelenting tenacity and for breaking it all down for us.

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Our collaboration with professional surfer and influencer Quincy Davis was a natural fit. Her love of the ocean and outdoors has developed her organic, effortless style, while her adventurous spirit and focused vision has inspired countless young women.

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Kelly Ripa is one of the most accomplished and respected women in television, not to mention one of funniest and most fashionable. Millions of people love waking up to her positive energy and optimistic outlook. We are beyond thrilled to collaborate with Kelly.

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We are delighted to collaborate with award-winning journalist, producer, director and author Hannah Storm. She has paved the way for female sports journalists with passion, positivity and determination. We love Hannah for breaking barriers and for being a role model to women everywhere.

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We love co-anchor and editor at large of The Oprah Magazine, Gayle King for breaking barriers, for her honesty, sense of humor, style and for being a role model to women everywhere. We are beyond thrilled to collaborate with such a strong, independent woman.

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